About Shrub Oak

Welcome to Shrub Oak International School, a new benchmark in autism spectrum disorder education. We are a world-class, private special education boarding and day school preparing students for independent adult life and employment. We serve the sophisticated needs of an international co-ed population of young adults on the autism spectrum.

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We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care and student engagement that maximize learning and therapeutic opportunities. Our students are empowered to achieve their greatest potential.

Central to our special education mission is the belief that everything we do originates with care and respect for every student’s abilities, interests, and preferences; with sensitivity to sensory, communication, social and cognitive challenges.

New Approach to Curriculum

Our innovative approach to curriculum integrates recognized relationship and learning models in all aspects of the student’s day, maximizing learning opportunities. Renowned experts work with your child to individualize life and career development paths based on his or her specific needs and interests.

Each student’s team of clinicians, teachers, and residential staff collaborate closely to address the student’s issues quickly and reinforce therapies and learning paths, so that the student progresses more rapidly.

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We offer a varied curriculum with options designed to meet each student’s goals and needs.

Speech Therapy Clinical Approach
Clinical Services

We believe that learning and creativity are maximized within a framework of safe, genuine and secure relationships.

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Student Life

Students have a wide range of activities to choose from on and outside of the Shrub Oak campus.  Activities will vary depending on the time of year, weather, student interests, and opportunities available within the surrounding community.

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The admission process starts with careful assessment of your child’s status and a meeting with our clinical team.