Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you provide some history on the building and the campus?

The planning and development of Shrub Oak International School, to date, has been a three-year process. A majority of this time has been spent finding the right region to operate within which would be able to provide the high-quality staff needed to provide the world class services we will deliver to our students. Additionally, we needed to ensure that we found a property which could accommodate a student body of over 300 residential students, with plenty of space for day students who live in the surrounding area. Taken together with the fact that we will be employing over 500 individuals and you can begin to understand why finding the ideal property for this school takes continual and in depth planning.

The property we have chosen was originally conceptualized and built by the Archdiocese of New York to operate as a teaching seminary for hundreds of students. The campus is located on close to 130 acres including over 60 acres of forest lands. Our students will be able to take advantage of our open fields, wild life, outdoors programs, and of course, the beautiful academic and residential facilities. The main building is comprised of wonderful open public spaces and amenities such as a landscaped courtyard, a spacious auditorium and gym, a professional restaurant-quality kitchen and dining facility, common rooms for socializing between students, state of the art classrooms, and well-designed dormitories.

As we progress towards the further development and design of our school, we intend to include additional features which will benefit the curriculum and our students’ experience such as an indoor pool, agriculture facilities for livestock and crops, an open space for robotic development and learning, and a multitude or career training spaces and services.

The beauty of choosing a rural agrarian setting and a time-tested robust facility will be evident in the benefits it provides for our academic, clinical and social programs at Shrub Oak International School.

If you have ideas which you would like to see become a reality at Shrub Oak International School - we would love to hear them! Please email dreams@shruboak.org with any ideas which you believe would make Shrub Oak the best it can be.

2. How can I be expected to send my child away for school?

The decision to seek a boarding school environment, is a careful and measured one that parents decide on with the advice and counsel of their family support team including the clinical, academic and child advocacy experts.

The most common questions we are asked from prospective parents has to do with the residential nature of Shrub Oak International School. To that end, Shrub Oak operates both residential and non-residential programs, so if you live in the region, we welcome you to explore our day program as an option for your child. Additionally, we will be the first to acknowledge that Shrub Oak is not necessarily for everyone.

Our programs and services are tailored to a student population which requires support around the clock – not just during the traditional school day. These supports are what will help our students achieve independence and push them towards a happy and full life rooted in self-sufficiency. That being said, there are parents who believe that they can provide the best care for their child and we tend to agree that a parent knows what is best for their child. We are here to support our students and their parents in any way we can.

3. What is the cost of this program?

Providing the appropriate level of care and support for children with special learning needs is difficult as it typically requires a large number of highly trained individuals. The more services provided, the more staff is needed.

Therefore, you will find that schools for typically developing youngsters are generally less expensive than similarly situated schools for children with special learning needs, and these schools tend to range in their pricing based on service provisions.

Generally, the market for day-schools for children with special learning needs ranges from $40k to $150k per year and from $250k to $450k for programs with Shrub Oak’s staffing level which have residential components.

Our program falls into these ranges with the annual tuition rate of $124,000 for our day program, and annual tuition of $300,000 for our residential program. Shrub Oak will be open 24/7/365.

While Shrub Oak is a private program and doesn’t operate under a State contract, parents should speak with their local child advocacy organizations and determine if reimbursements may be available from their local school district for the services provided at Shrub Oak International School.

4. How do I know my child will be safe and secure in this environment?

When placing a child in the care of another, it is common for parents to be concerned that their child will be taken care of with the same level of respect and love which they receive at home. We understand this concern and take our responsibility very seriously in order to ensure your child’s safety and security. We have rigorous protocols, procedures and technologies in place to ensure that your child is safe from any and all dangers which could possibly arise, such as:

  • →   Every square inch of public space within the facility is monitored 24/7 by highly trained security personnel, many of whom are former law enforcement.

  • →   We ensure all of our staff are subjected to vigorous background checks and also provide constant monitoring for any changes in their background or current status.

  • →   Any and all visitors to the property have to go through instant background checks and verification to ensure that there is no one on the property who does not meet our safety guidelines.

  • →   All doors are constantly monitored using cameras and access control systems by security personnel to have complete awareness of every student, staff and visitor’s location at all times.

  • →   We have an emergency communications systems located in all dorm rooms that are directly connected to the medical and security facilities.

  • →   Regular audits of security procedures and protocols are conducted to ensure that they are being followed by all security and safety personnel.

General Points

  • →   Our mission statement is “Success for Life.”

  • →   Our belief is that the least restrictive environment is beneficial for all of our students.

  • →   We cater to young adults from ages 14 to 22, with the ability to accommodate a small set of 22 to 30-year-old students as well.

  • →   Our aim is to provide our students with a plethora of choices in academics, arts and technology to ensure they have the opportunity to pursue what interests them.

  • →   We put a special emphasis on physical education and nutrition, as a healthy body equals a healthy mind.

  • →   We are dedicated to providing an outcome of independent living and a purposeful, self-sustaining future, to the best of each student’s ability.

  • →   We are developing a program for our graduates to materially assist with job placement and supported living once their complete our program.

  • →   We will provide a unique support system which will empower every student to achieve their greatest potential, to the best of each their ability and desire.