Rendering of New Shrub Oak School
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We are currently enrolling students for Fall of 2018. The admission process starts with careful assessment of your child’s status.

Shrub Oak Advantage

Perhaps the greatest source of anxiety for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder is how their child will transition into adulthood. We’ve combined the most successful therapeutic models and the latest evidence-based principles into a curriculum with an unsurpassed level of individual focus and care that enables each student to progress toward a purposeful, self-sustaining future to the best of their ability.

What makes us unique:

  • Internationally respected leadership with expertise in unique clinical approaches and life-skills development
  • Each student’s team of clinicians, teachers, and student-life staff collaborate closely to address the student’s issues quickly and reinforce therapies and learning paths, so that the student progresses more rapidly.
  • Classroom staff-to-student ratio of 2:1, and overall ratio during academic hours of greater than 1:1
  • Equipped to serve young adults, ages 14 – 22, on the autism spectrum who face complex challenges and have high personal attention needs
  • Individualized Education Programs (IEP) developed, student-by-student, with collaboration of parents, educators, professional advisors, and staff
  • Independence, life skills, and career/vocational competencies developed on a student-by-student basis to nurture the highest level of abilities that each student can achieve
  • A variety of activities on- and off-campus that support social interaction, community involvement, and vocational learning
  • The most advanced technology-infused facilities in the world set on 127 wooded acres one hour from New York City, where students have an array of opportunities for recreation, sports, agriculture, therapy animals, hiking, arts, culture, crafts, technology, and more
  • State-of-the-art security systems incorporated into the buildings and grounds to ensure the safety and security of every student

Renowned Leadership

Shrub Oak’s curriculum has been developed by a team of experts each with over 35 years of special education school experience. The school’s leadership, co-directors Gil Tippy and Dianne Zager, are renowned internationally for their expertise in helping individuals with autism spectrum disorder lead independent and productive lives.

Diane Zager and Gill Tippy

“This work is our passion and we are truly blessed to be able to work together overseeing the growth of Shrub Oak into a pioneering center of excellence for advancement of special education. We have all experienced the magic of helping children grow into adults living fulfilling, self-sustaining lives and we are beyond excited to open this incredible school.”

Dr. Gil Tippy and Dr. Dianne ZagerCo-Directors, Shrub Oak International School


Teens working in classroom

Individualized learning to meet each student’s needs

Teens exploring woods
Student Life

Enriching, mind expanding, social, and relationship based

Guitar lesson
Clinical Services

Relationship-based, respect-driven, and encompassing a wide variety of therapeutic options