Our Story

The vision for Shrub Oak International School has been six years in the making. Our story begins with extensive research to identify the perfect location with access to world-class experts and a premier facility accommodating residential students, with plenty of space for day students who live in the surrounding area.

Shrub Oak International School, located in the northern Westchester County hamlet of Shrub Oak, is set on 127 bucolic acres including more than 60 acres of forested lands, less than an hour from New York City. The building was originally a teaching seminary owned by the Archdiocese of New York.

A team of leading architects and designers is engineering the facilities to exacting custom specifications. The main building has expansive open public spaces, a landscaped courtyard, and spacious auditorium. The high-tech building boasts a modern gym, a restaurant-quality kitchen and dining facility, modern common rooms for socializing, state-of-the art classrooms, and well-designed dormitories. Outside, students will be able to enjoy open fields, farm lands, livestock, wildlife, and plenty of outdoor programs.

The space also includes an indoor pool, an open space for robotic development and learning, and a multitude of career training spaces and services.

Shrub Oak Campus
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